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Jimmy has spent the years since his injury pushing his body to new limits, he walked out of hospital after 9 hard painful months and has since taken on one challenge after another that most people wouldn't even think they could attempt. Jimmy does all this with a smile on his face. His positive attitude to life and to his own limitations can't help but rub off on those he meets. He is now an accomplished and much sought after public speaker, sharing his honest story and providing incredible insight into mental strength and fitness, resilience and achieving goals. To discuss booking Jimmy for your event please click on the contact tab or call 07766410807 or email info@rebalancemgmt.co.uk

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Jimmy has supported the RFL Benevolent Fund for over a decade now through a wide variety of challenges and events. In completing these events Jimmy has also created the opportunity to discuss dealing with adversity and overcoming obstacles, no matter the size. His presentation draw deeply from his personal life but resonate with most individuals and organisations who seek to be better.

Stephen Ball – RFL Benevolent Fund

Jimmy’s talk had all of our students hooked from the start.  He has a warm, honest personality and a great sense of humour all of which was  instantly conveyed to the audience.  Jimmy spoke from the heart fluently without notes and as a result was able to constantly engage with everyone.  His powerpoint was excellent-lots of pictures and few words which emphasised everything he said.  One of our students was heard saying:  ” I wasn’t going to come as I thought it was just going to be a talk but I’m pleased I did now because it was more than a talk for me.  It made me think about the choices I make!

Sue Young – Greenhead Academy, Huddersfield

Thank you both for an inspirational and motivational talk.  The students were incredibly uplifted and they provided us with some great feedback

Sabiha Laher Outwood Grange Academy Principal

Principal, Outwood Grange Academy

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Never Give Up

“Winners never quit and quitters never win”

Always Believe

keep going and throw everything into the challenge then you have every chance to achieve your dreams.

Keep Positive

When you are in a dark and negative place, keep positive and moving forwards, things will always get better.

Appreciate Life

Everybody in life is capable of doing great things, we all have different levels of ability but it's about making the best out of your strengths.

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