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Jimmy’s ability to adapt when speaking to different audiences and most importantly to resonate with them is quite unique. Jimmy’s work with the nationally recognised charity State of Mind takes him all over the country, and amongst sport, school and colleges, plus, Jimmy has worked closely with our emergency services.

The pressure and demands on our emergency services, or like in many of our public services is immense, so the importance of reducing stress and anxiety is massive.

Your health and wellbeing is paramount, but Jimmy has learnt through his own adversity, just how important your mental fitness is, and just how much of a  part it plays on keeping a healthy balance, both in work life and also in your home life.

emergency services
jimmy gittins

importance of mental fitness

Jimmy is very passionate about the work he does with state of mind and believes that learning the importance of mental fitness and indeed his own state of mind is a large part of how he has got to where he is today. He also knows first-hand what a great job our emergency services do alongside our NHS doctors, and the wonderful nursing staff do and who himself was in hospital for 9 months after his injury.

Life is so fast nowadays and we all want to do our best, but it’s so important we take time out and restore our energy levels and allow our minds to switch off and rest.


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