resilience and COURAGE

Jimmy has had to show great resilience in his life, In the mid nineties been part of the family’s building company through the recession before seeing and taking a opportunity building a multi million pound construction company.

In 2002 a rugby accident left Jimmy quadriplegic leaving him having to battle back from injuries that changed his life. Despite this setback Jimmy has gone on to achieve incredible feats setting up in business a award winning fitness and rehabilitation centre in West Yorkshire.

Jimmy has always given his time and overwhelming amount of energy for charity. Jimmy is an ambassador to the Steve Prescott foundation and the RFL benevolent fund helping other injured players. He is also a trustee to the Charity State of Mind programme, something that he has worked tirelessly on over the past several years, presenting all over the country about the importance of mental fitness and looking after your health and wellbeing.

Jimmy has appeared on Sky TV, several BBC and Channel 4 programmes raising awareness and promoting his charity work.


key to success

Jimmy believes that with today’s corporate world and its ever changing ways creating stress and anxiety, having good strong resilience is key to success.

Resilience is defined as the ability to adapt to stress and adversity. A resilient person bounces back quickly after a setback, They can pursue their goals and objectives and not be put off by setbacks and obstacles. Resilient people have the self confidence to cope with the negativity and stresses of modern life.

resilience through adversity

It is important to realise that resilience can be learned by anyone. People are not born resilient, They become resilient through adversity and their attitude and their outlook to deal with things. People who are resilient are not affected differently by adversity than others, They feel the same levels of upset, surprise and grief as others but they have learned a way to respond to this adversity that enables them to adapt and cope.

Jimmys background through sport has made him physically tough pushing his body too its limits time and time again. Jimmy believes it’s his time in business before his injury that has helped build his mental toughness, the add a horrific life changing injury forcing difficult times and decisions, To reform creating success in business and going on to do great things in his life is nothing short of remarkable.

Jimmy Gittins and Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson

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