This is Jimmy Gittins…

 Jimmy Gittins

Jimmy Gittins is an ex rugby league player, who in 2002, suffered a horrific injury breaking his neck in 2 places, putting an end to his playing career and changing his life forever.

He has spent the years since his injury pushing his body to new limits, he walked out of hospital after 9 hard painful months and has since taken on one challenge after another that most people wouldn’t even think they could attempt. Jimmy does all this with a smile on his face. His positive attitude to life and to his own limitations can’t help but rub off on those he meets.

Before his accident, Jimmy also ran his own very successful construction company with his family. After leaving hospital, knowing he couldn’t return to his previous careers, knowing rehabilitation was going to be for the rest of his life, he saw an opportunity, and with his friend and physiotherapist formed a specialist rehabilitation unit, which has gone from strength to strength winning national and regional awards.

Skydive fundraiser for Rugby League Benevolent Fund

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the importance of mental fitness

Not content to just focus on his business Jimmy has recognised the support he received when he needed it. Now he works to help others as an ambassador to the rugby league benevolent fund and the Steve Prescott foundation. Jimmy has also recently been appointed a trustee to the nationally recognised State of Mind programme, travelling all over the country giving presentations on the importance of mental fitness.

Amongst many incredible feats for charity Jimmy became only the second person in history to complete Lands’ End to John O’Groats on a hand cycle in a record time of just 11 days. His achievements highlight a desire to never give up, and the ability to set and then accomplish his goals despite negativity or those who doubt his ability. The importance of having a strong mental fitness as well as physical fitness is paramount.

These are lessons that anyone can use to achieve their own goals and get to where they want to be in life.

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