sporting goals

Jimmy’s sporting background is clearly noticeable in most things he does. Though Jimmy is the first to admit, he was by far a great rugby player (at best average) his words. But always gave 100%.

In his charity events, he has pushed his body to and beyond its limits at times, fearlessly in order to achieve just that bit more not accepting he has limits or indeed limitations. All sport should begin first and foremost fun, youngsters should be praised and encouraged. If sport becomes your vocation in life, then people’s expectations of you becomes greater as does the pressure on you to perform at your best. Life in sport needs to be structured for you to be able to look after yourself on and off the field.

jimmy gittins
jimmy gittins

achieving success

Jimmy identifies the importance of goal setting in order to achieve success, giving examples of this in his presentations, he uses examples of creating motivational tools and aspects of NLP Nero linguistic programming.


What is it that gives people the will to win?


What creates a motivation so strong you can’t fail?


What gives in first the body or the mind?

The Journey of
Extraordinary Gents

charity events

The charity events jimmy has undertaken have served in two purposes, to give something back to the many people that has helped him over the years and given him the privilege and honour to meet some unbelievable people along the way. But it’s also given him direction and purpose, something that Jimmy believes you need in whatever you do in life.

Skydive fundraiser for Rugby League Benevolent Fund

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